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My Testimonial

By Lance Younglance

One of my most recent real estate deals involved a probate house in Maryland.  The owner lived in Texas and desperately wanted to get rid of it.  He had inherited it and did not want it. He arranged to have me inspect the house. The house was in good condition and needed only a few cosmetic repairs and a new roof. After checking with a real estate agent, I found out that it was worth $210,000.  

I made the owner a low offer of $125,000 and he accepted it! I signed a contract with him.  I gave him a $20 bill as a deposit on our contract.   (I would have given him a $10 bill, but didn't have one at the time.)  

Since I had two other house deals going at the same time, I decided to quickly resell the house to an investor and make a fast, easy profit

I already had an investor lined up and contacted him. He met me at the house and I told him he could buy it for $142,000. The investor had checked the value of the house and knew it was worth $210,000. He was ready to buy it right away!



The investor purchased the house from me for $142,000. This was exactly $17,000 more than I paid for it. Do you see what I did here? I agreed to buy a probate house for $125,000 and quickly resold it for $142,000. This gave me a quick $17,000 profit!

This deal was very easy to do. I filled out a simple real estate contract, then I sold the contract to another person for a fast, easy $17,000 profit. (Don't worry, contracts are easier to use than you think!)

YOU can do the same exact thing! Deals like this are common when buying probate houses and pre-foreclosure houses.  You can do deals just like this with only a $10 bill!  You don't need good credit!  And you don't need to spend a lot of time at it. I'll even show you an easy way to find investors who live in your area!

With my easy-to-use courses, you get everything you need to make big profits with probate and foreclosure homes!

Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person.

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