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Doubts and fears are natural any time you undertake a new adventure...

And when you're embarking on a career in real estate investing, you're wise to proceed cautiously.

So let me address some of the fears and doubts that might be on your mind:

"Why do you say now is a good time to enter the world of real estate investing? The economy isn't so good right now."

When the economy is doing great it is hard to find good deals. This is why now is a great time to become a real estate investor.

My course will teach you how to profitably invest in:

  • Preforeclosures
  • Foreclosures at auction
  • Bank owned foreclosures
  • Probate homes

The current economy will allow you to find unbelievable bargains with this kind of real estate investing because:

  • Banks have many foreclosure properties on their books - they NEED to get rid of them. And, because there are many, they're letting them go for far less than market value.
  • Homeowners who are in pre-foreclosure are willing to sell for less in order to do it quickly and avoid the damage a foreclosure will do to their credit.
  • Probate houses have always been money-makers, but in today's economy they're even better - because those heirs are worried about getting rid of the house.

My course will show you specific ways to use the current economic condition to your advantage.

"OK - I see why now is a good time. But what about the fact that I have zero experience?"

You don't need experience, because everything you need to know is contained within the 4 modules of this course.

Even if you've never bought or sold a house in your life, by the time you study and digest what I'll share with you, you'll know what you need to know. The instructions contain both what to do and what not to do. They even explain the terminology and processes, so you'll never need to feel intimidated by anyone you're talking with.

And when it comes to dealing with real estate agents - you will know more about investment properties than almost all of them.

I don't want you to make any of the mistakes I made when I started in real estate investment. That's why you'll notice that I tend to repeat some key points.

"Well, I still see a big hurdle. Banks now require large down payments and great credit. I don't have either."

You don't need money or credit, either.

All you really need to become a success in real estate investment is a commitment to your future - a commitment to taking the time and making the effort to learn the material and put it into practice.

You're going to learn how to use other people's money - and you'll understand why they'll be happy to let you make a profit from using it. (Hint: It's because you'll be helping them make a profit as well.)

"What about risk? What if I commit to buying a house and realize I've made a mistake? Or what if I can't find "other people's money" at the last minute?"

Risk-avoidance is an important component of each section in this real estate investing course. I'll teach you how to write a contract with built-in escape clauses, so that the most money you'll ever have at risk is $10.