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What do you get when you invest, risk-free, in "Making Money in Real Estate?"

My course will teach you how to profitably invest when:

  • You don't have much spare cash
  • You don't know much about real estate
  • You have poor credit
  • or no credit -You live in a 'depressed" area

Within these four modules you'll learn:

  • Simple methods for finding preforeclosure and probate houses.
  • Sure-fire ways to tell the best real estate investing deals from those that spell trouble - so you can concentrate on deals with no hidden hassles.
  • An easy-to-use formula that will allow you to find out how much profit a house has in it before you buy it.
  • Easy ways you can buy and sell preforeclosure and probate properties for big profits - using only $10 of your own money.
  • The Three Clauses you MUST include in every purchase contract.
  • Techniques for working with banks. Once you know how to deal with banks, you'll be able to negotiate and profit from both short sales and repossessed homes.
  • Steps you MUST take to avoid financial disaster. (I help you avoid my early mistakes.)
  • Proven methods for finding investors who are ready to back you - or to buy your houses as soon as you get them.

But that's not all, because it isn't enough...

Along with the exact steps to take to make sure you make the maximum amount of profit from each and every foreclosure, preforeclosure or probate home you buy, "Make Money in Real Estate" gives you samples of the actual tools that I use in my business every day.

  • Classified ads
  • Pre-written letters
  • Detailed sample contracts
  • Scripts - what to say and do when you meet with sellers
  • Resources for finding all the information you need

But that's still not all. Along with these four courses:

  • Preforeclosures
  • Foreclosures at auction
  • Bank owned foreclosures
  • Probate homes

You'll also receive two audio files - in which I answer the most common questions about investing in preforeclosures and probate houses.

And finally - the bonus report: "How to Buy Property Liens for Pennies on the Dollar and Cash Them In For Full Value."