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Course Benefits

Ask yourself if you can afford to pass these benefits by:

1You will learn how to safely invest in real estate
with a $10 contract deposit.
It is a simple and proven method
that will make you tens of thousands of dollars and you never have to risk more than $10.

2You can do this in your spare time. These courses are packed with time-saving tips. This can easily be done on weeknights or weekends. You can match my success by investing only 10 hours per week.

3 Unfamiliar with real estate foreclosures? No problem! You need no experience in real estate with these courses. They have been written in easy-to-understand language. They are designed for people with no experience in real estate. Was your interest piqued by the Carlton Sheets TV program infomercials? My courses get results!

4You learn how to make over $53,000 a year in real estate with little or no competition. Since most investors only go to foreclosure auctions, you will beat them to the most profitable deals by knowing how to buy preforeclosure and probate houses.

5You do not need good credit to do this. My method can be used even if you have bad credit, or no credit at all.

6You will learn the two most profitable areas in real estate investing today.  Investors often overlook these highly profitable areas: probate houses and bank foreclosures. You get everything you need to start making money in real estate right away, and with no previous knowledge of bank foreclosures or probate real estate investing!

7 You can buy a bigger and better house for you and your family and pay a smaller mortgage payment because you will know how to get it 35% to 50% below its value. Imagine the type of house you can afford if you know how to get it at a 35% to 50% discount!

8You can start making money right away. With my easy-to-use "Fast Start Steps," you will know exactly what to do as soon as you have finished the courses. Fast Start Steps take all the guesswork out of making big money with foreclosure and probate homes.

9Achieve Financial Freedom - FINALLY! Once you learn my powerful methods, you're no longer at the whim of the economy or your boss. You'll be able to create "money on demand".

10YOU HAVE NO RISK! Use these courses for up to one full year. Prove to yourself that they are worth more -- far more -- than what you invested in them. And if you are not absolutely convinced that they are, just ask for a complete refund!

Rarely will you see courses like these offered with a... not 30 60 90
100% one year money-back guarantee


Why am I offering this? Because I know you will never want to part with these real estate investing courses once you have them!

The courses come complete with:

1 Simple methods for finding preforeclosure and probate houses. These methods are so easy that you can do them on an average of less than 10 minutes a day !
1 Actual sample letters you can mail to homeowners and probate heirs so they will contact you -- ready to sell ! You have full rights to use any of the letters in the course. These letters have been used successfully for years!
1 An easy-to-use formula that will allow you to find out how much profit a house has in it before you buy it -- and how much that profit will be .
1 Easy-to-use ways you can buy and sell preforeclosure and probate properties for big profits using just $10 of your own money .
1 Proven methods for finding investors who are ready to buy your houses as soon as you get them!
1 Sure-fire ways to tell the best real estate investing deals from those that spell trouble, so you can concentrate on deals without any hidden hassles.
1 Techniques that give you the upper hand in negotiating with banks! Once you know how to deal with banks, you can get foreclosure homes that they have repossessed at absolute rock-bottom prices.
1 The exact steps to take to make sure you make the maximum amount of profit with each deal.
1 BONUS: Along with your courses, you receive two audio CDs in which I answer the most common questions about investing in preforeclosures and probate houses. They're not only informative but also a confidence booster!
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