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Lance Young Real Estate Investor Who is Lance Young?

Lance Young is not just a real estate investment teacher, mentor, and coach. He is an active, full time real estate investor who has been making money in real estate since 1987. Real estate investment is what he does for a living.

After finishing high school he looked around and saw too many people with college degrees who were stuck in low paying, dead –end jobs, and he decided that wasn't the path to success. He also knew people who were making a good living by buying and selling houses.

So he started painting houses for a living while learning all he could about real estate.

He made plenty of mistakes at first. Although he invested both time and money in books, tapes, and seminars, none of them gave him the "street level" education needed to make money in real estate. In fact, many were a waste of time. He thinks some of those "instructors" probably have never bought or sold a house in their lives.

And that's why, in 1996, he decided to write his own courses, based on his first-hand experience in buying foreclosures, preforeclosures, and houses in probate. Since the real estate market is ever-changing and methods must change with the times, the courses have been updated numerous times since then.

Lance feels that if you're going to spend money to learn how to invest in real estate, you should get the truth and the actual "how to" information that leads to success. Thus his course materials are deliberately free of "fluff" and false promises.

When he's not busy with his own investments and investment properties, Lance likes to spend time taking his two daughters and his Mom out for a good dinner and some family time, watching football on Sundays with his friends, and staying in shape through regular visits to the gym.

He also admits to being a "big kid" who enjoys playing video games and tooling around town in his sports car. He says people must get a laugh when they see him stuffing remodeling and repair materials for one of his houses into his two seat roadster.

He also likes to travel to warm tropical islands – especially when the cold winter winds are blowing around his home in the  Washington D.C. area.